CROWNLIFE: is a term coined by rapper and songwriter NISH to symbolize his unwavering belief that we all have a right and a duty to pursue our deepest passions. It serves as a reminder and a message of encouragement to anyone who shares this belief and struggle. It also serves as a promise to do whatever possible to support those who do not have this privilege, those whose circumstances do not allow them to pursue their personal legends.

It is unlikely that you would hear a verse from the rapper without an honorable mention of the term or its signature symbol, 2 peace signs joined together to double as a crown and capital W for World Peace.

To live the CROWNLIFE is to seek to realize your full potential, to manifest your deepest desires, to become aware of your personal legend and to have the freedom to pursue and achieve it.

It started as a vision in May 2010. NISH was an aspiring Caribbean Hip Hop artist in an unlikely space for the art form. He began to set in his mind the ground rules for what he was willing to accept and what he would not in the pursuit of his goals.

It expressed itself as a small gesture. Two peace signs joined together to form a Crown. “Push your crowns up!”. This royal symbol is a reminder that we are the Kings and rulers of our destiny. We are each responsible for the way we react to the blessings and struggles in our lives.
The CROWNLIFE however is not just an individual mantra. Its strength lies in our collective decision to pursue it and to make it an attainable reality for all of us. The Crown therefore doubles as a capital W, representing World Peace; freedom from the injustices that prevent so many of us from ever even having the opportunity to achieve our dreams.

The goal is that we can live in a world where each person’s contribution can be heard, where we are judged by the value of our ideas and not the strength of our connections, where mutual respect and critical thinking are used in our decision making, where peace, understanding and progress govern the systems that we put in place, where we all have the freedom to pursue the CROWNLIFE.

If you rep the CROWNLIFE, if you believe in your dreams, if you believe that we all have a right to pursue them, Push Your Crowns Up!

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