[ALBUM] NTOC: No Tomorrow Oratory Compilation



Listen to the NTOC on SoundCloud (playlist above) or browse each track directly below.

Listen to the NTOC on SoundCloud (playlist above) or browse each track directly below.

No Tomorrow ft J. Scoona

One Day / World Keeps Turning

Interlude [The Light]

Rose Thorn ft Kye

Interlude [Killuminati]

Cold World ft Arie

Interlude [Love Yourself]

Tables Turn ft V-Max

Interlude [Violence]

Ghetto Story ft Jesarai

Interlude [Drug Trade]

All Night

Interlude [1984]

Us Against the World ft Celeste

Must Get Through

Running Out of Time

ALIVE ft Euphrates

You Saved My Life ft Arie

Raindrops ft Arie

Outro [Give Thanks]

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No Tomorrow Oratory Compilation (NTOC) is the first installment of a 3-part album series from rapper and songwriter NISH.

The project represents more than just a compilation of music, it is a proclamation and a message of perseverance and self-confidence. For this reason, NISH refers to the project as an Oratory Compilation. Oratory refers to art of public speaking, the ability to express oneself clearly and eloquently. It is also used to describe a place of worship, a small chapel for the purpose of self-reflection and connection with the Creator. For NISH, the word perfectly describes the machinations behind the project that took his entire life to produce.

The compilation reflects NISH’s belief that there is no expiration date on your dreams, and the greatest failure is not ever truly pursuing them with your best effort. If there is no tomorrow, would you live life like it’s your last? Would the fears that currently imprison you continue to exist? Ask yourself what is really holding you back from going after what ignites the fire inside of you. No Tomorrow expresses the belief that, in this moment, the best thing you can do for yourself is to run sprinting towards the things you always wanted to do in life, the things that you put off or neglect for fear of rejection or ridicule, the things that you know you desire but tell yourself that you are too old, too slow, too busy or too late. If there was no tomorrow, the veils that lead us to believe that we are insufficient are lifted and the imaginary chains that hold us down can be dissipated.

There is a tone of defiance in the project, with songs like NTOC, Cold World and Ghetto Story providing a direct expose of the consequences of the restrictive and often oppressive attitude of the modern world. The debauchery surrounding local and international systems and institutions is highlighted unapologetically in many of the offerings on this project. In contrast to this, many of the songs reflect the more personal journey of pursuing and achieving your dreams and goals in life. Songs like Rose Thorn, Us Against the World, Tables Turn and Running Out of Time seem to be directly speaking to anyone fighting for a dream. It is obvious that the inspiration is reflective of NISH’s own hard earned journey to success. Still there are other songs, like Raindrops and You Saved My Life, that reveal a softer, less militant side of NISH, giving us rare insights into his elusive character and life.

The entire project perfectly meshes the diverse experiences of this gifted artist, taking us on a journey to share in the trials, triumphs and invaluable lessons of a man in relentless pursuit of his dreams. Although tailored to his unique life, it is easily relatable and inspiring to a multitude of persons, each seeking to etch out the uncompromised desires of their hearts.



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