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ALIVE, the debut music video from rapper and videographer NISH, has been chosen as Hip Hop TT’s #1 Music Video of 2015. Many thanks to Hip Hop TT for putting on this countdown and continuing to create a platform to promote and support Hip Hop in Trinbago.


About Hip Hop TT

Hip Hop TT was launched in 2015 and is the self-proclaimed #1 source for all things Hip Hop in Trinbago. True to the name, Hip Hop TT has presented their 1st annual Top 10 Music Video countdown for the year 2015. Hosted by Rene Da Illest, who is a Hip Hop artist herself, the countdown reflects the diverse and innovative works of some of Trinbago’s most determined and talented Hip Hop artistes.


ALIVE parallels NISH’s debut album NTOC in that it represents the culmination of work over the last few years, pulling from a diverse range of shots taken by Visionary Media House as well as NISH himself, as they documented their lives as Trinbagonian videographers and entertainers over the last few years.

The project perfectly encompasses the fun-loving, exciting lifestyle of West Trinidad while at the same time mirroring some of the darker sides of life in Port-of-Spain. The video features a plethora of scenes, from the nightlife in the city of POS to the beaches on the North Coast, yacht parties off the West coast, Carnival celebrations, concerts, and much more. NISH managed to capture the essence of the Trini experience, using shots so diverse that only a truly gifted storyteller would be able to combine them in such perfect unity.

Congratulations to all the artistes who made the countdown. Check out the full list below:

  1. NISH – Alive
  2. System 32 x Tennille Amor x Jimmy October x Inzey – Forever Forward
  3. Worm – Easy
  4. Mark Hardy & Yung Rudd ft Jimmy October – Iza Trini
  5. Chromatics & Nebula868 – True Talk No Lie
  6. Make It Hapn – Mus Eat Ah Food
  7. ArimA Uncensored – Eastside Attack
  8. Tishon Singh – Homecoming
  9. Jay Nahge – Bad N*gga Sh*t
  10. Cyn-x (Rheon Elbourne) – Message

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